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ServicesExperience a dedicated broker from the start

Dedicated Mortgage Broker

At CCA Mortgage Solutions you will always deal with one point of contact. We pride ourselves on great client service. Don’t be juggled from person to person. Experience a dedicated broker from the start until your mortgage is signed off.

Best Interest Duty (BID)

A new advantage that Mortgage Brokers must comply of as of 1st July 2020 is ‘best interest duty’ requirements. This is unique to mortgage brokers as the big banks can’t be bound by it. Therefore, going to a bank means you won’t get the loan that is necessarily in your best interests.

By using a mortgage broker, the new requirements will mean that the broker must act in the client’s best interests

At CCA Mortgage Solutions, we are bound to act in your best interests (as detailed below):

  • It is a lawful requirement that mortgage brokers act in the best interests of consumers in relation to credit assistance, credit contracts (incl. assistance for credit cards, personal loans including those in a mortgage package and unsecured home renovation credit).
  • If a conflict of interest exists, mortgage brokers are responsible to give priority to consumers with credit contracts by providing credit assistance.
  • Mortgage brokers and mortgage intermediaries are not to accept conflicting remuneration to determine, influence or change the outcome of the credit assistance available, or inappropriately alter how the representative carries out their duty as an intermediary.
  • Mortgage brokers or intermediaries are not permitted to receive conflicting remuneration from employers, credit providers or other mortgage intermediaries.

This ultimately means, that mortgage brokers are held to higher legislative standards than any bank. CCA Mortgage Solutions will provide only the best to our clients, as set out in law, going above and beyond to provide you with the best outcome.

More Options, Great Choices


Land & Construction Loans. House & Land Packages

Let us help you find the best loan tailored to your land, house package or construction plan. We will search and advise the best interest/principal loans and fees to save you into the future.


First Home Buyers

Not sure where to start but are ready to begin your journey into home ownership? We have all taken the step as first home buyers and know the stress it can sometimes be to find the right loan. We can take you from step one through to the exciting final step of buying your new home. Don’t walk this alone, let CCA Mortgage Solutions make your journey a stress free one!

Owner Occupied or Investment Loans

Understand the different rules and interest rates applicable to investment or owner-occupied loans. We will cut through the red tape and make your options clear helping you to move forward.

Refinance & Debt Consolidation (Industry Term)

Have you had a mortgage for a while and are looking to refinance or consolidate your debts? We will source the best loans available to cut your interest down and help you pay off debts faster. Putting more finance back into your pocket.

Commercial & Business Loans

Are you expanding into business, commercial property or have larger plans for your existing business? We can help to get you across the line with commercial funding, business loans, asset and leasing finance. Whether small or big business we can help you grow and take your business to the next level.

Medico & Professional Package Loans

As a health professional, find out the specialised packages available for medical professionals, and special discounts only available to the medical profession. Let us help you get the best products to suit your individual business.